Priority and After Hours Services

We understand that having your laundry facility up and running is essential for your business to perform. When service is paramount, we can respond promptly with our Same Day or After Hours Services. 

Our Priority (P1) service is availble for those customer's who require same day attendance GUARANTEED. 

Our After Hours/Public Holiday (PA) service is available weekdays from 4.30pm to 8am, weekends from 4.30pm Friday through till 8am Monday, as well as any public holiday. 

Both our Priority and After Hours service fees cover our Priority/On Call Technician travelling to site (for customer's within Hamilton) and the first 45 minutes of labour. It does not include any materials or additional time that may be required. 

Priority Attendance (P1): $240.00 + GST
Additional time: $80.00 + GST per hour
This service is available between 8am & 3pm Monday to Friday. 

After Hours Attendance: $280.00 + GST
Additional time: $120.00 + GST per hour 


P: 07 847 8070 I E: I W: 13 Jolly Street, Frankton, Hamilton NZ