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Laundry Facility Setup

Whether you are looking to build, renovate, expand or upgrade a commercial or industrial laundry facility, Electric Laundry Repair is here to help with:

  • Onsite Analysis
  • Equipment Layout & Floor Plan
  • Technical & Specification Support
  • Equipment Installation
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Laundry Installation

Our team at Electric Laundry Repair has extensive knowledge of laundry equipment, and will install your equipment to recommended specifications.

This includes an evaluation of plumbing and venting, using guidelines from your local regional council. Even if the equipment may have been acquired from elsewhere, which may be new, used, or refurbished, we can install customer-supplied equipment.

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Preventative Maintenance

Electric Laundry Repair offers preventative scheduled maintenance programs structured to meet each customer’s requirements. This process includes the inspection of equipment and electrical components to ensure proper operation and an assessment of mechanical parts for signs of wear.

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Diagnosis & Repair

We offer expert diagnosis and repair services including diagnosis of electrical, mechanical and electronic control issues and the repair and replacement of faulty and/or non-functioning components in commercial/industrial laundry equipment.

  • A quote for your repairs
  • Relevant updates
  • A timeframe for the parts arrival or time required for repair
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General Electrical

Electric Laundry Repair are not just specialised in commercial laundry! We have the expertise to complete all general electrical work. When it comes to providing top notch service, we’re second to none. Our technicians are expertly trained to quickly and efficiently tackle your electrical needs. From troubleshooting to urgent service, our team can handle it all.

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Thermal Disinfection Testing

We can provide thermal testing to validate if thermal disinfection has been achieved. We offer independent temperature verification, in general accordance with the recommendations of AS/NZS 4146 Laundry Practices to ensure that the equipment operates at optimum efficiency, ensuring that wash cycles have achieved and sustained the correct temperature to comply with audit requirements.

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After Hours Services

We understand that having your laundry facility up and running is essential for your business to perform. When service is paramount, we can respond promptly with our Same Day or After Hours Services. 

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Commercial Laundry Equipment Lease

Our team understands the initial and continuing cost of laundry equipment can be daunting when starting up in the commercial laundry industry. Electric Laundry Repair offers low-cost lease and rental options for a range of business sectors.

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CCTV & Alarms

At Electric Laundry Repair, we provide top-of-the-line CCTV and alarm systems, offering both supply and installation services. Our expert team ensures seamless setup, providing you with the peace of mind and security you deserve.

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Need Some Help? Contact Us!

We are always here to help! Our friendly staff at Electric Laundry Repair are here to help so feel free to contact us via the contact form, call us, email us or pop in to see us in person.

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