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Thermal disinfection involves using hot water to clean reusable medical equipment. The degree of decontamination obtained relies on the exposure time and temperature, which selectively eliminates bacteria. Hot water between 60°C and 95°C (140°F and 203°F) is used for thermal disinfection.

There are many benefits to using thermal disinfection for commercial laundry, as it is an effective way to kill bacteria and viruses. It is also a very quick process, which means that laundry can be turned around more quickly. This is especially important in businesses where time is of the essence, such as hotels and hospitals. Thermal disinfection is also gentle on fabrics, so there is less risk of damage to clothing.

We can provide thermal testing to validate if thermal disinfection has been achieved. We offer independent temperature verification, in general accordance with the recommendations of AS/NZS 4146 Laundry Practices to ensure that the equipment operates at optimum efficiency, ensuring that wash cycles have achieved and sustained the correct temperature to comply with audit requirements.

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