Laundry Installation

When investing in brand new commercial or industrial laundry equipment, it makes good sense to maximise that potential by ensuring the installation is top quality.

With our expert laundry technicians, we can assess and report upon existing installations and make suitable recommendations for improvements. We will always propose the best-for-you installation options, often based on an on-site evaluation and quote.

We have an extensive knowledge of laundry equipment, and will install your equipment to recommended specifications. This includes an evaluation of plumbing and venting, using guidelines from your local regional council. Even if the equipment may have been acquired from elsewhere, which may be new, used, or refurbished, we can install customer-supplied equipment.

All of our technicians are experienced in installing commercial and industrial laundry equipment in various locations and environments. Our experience, expertise and know-how can save you a lot of aggravation, downtime and money.

We can offer you a complete solution of your laundry needs including project managing entire builds or renovations. 

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